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Kamasutra: 3 Things To Know

You know those days when we wake up infused with soul warrior and dominant and to complete the picture we would miss just a spear or a scimitar? Here, that's a good day to try (and try again) the position of the Amazon: here it is illustrated in detail with 3 key points!

Every morning all we, who are as usual creatures gently complicated , we wake up with a different mood. And there are days when we get right with the bump of the warrior , fomented by barbaric attitude: those days when we would be the ones to take the reins of our lives, our world, our work and our relationship . In short, it would miss just a spear, a bow or scimitar and we would be the perfect amazons . If happened, we would not need any time machine to actually be the Amazon, but we just simply a puff to Kama Sutra is not by chance, in fact, the ancient Indian text on sexual behavior does not forget to pay homage with a separate chapter the position of the Amazon . A name that, in addition to already be a whole program, not accidental and is dedicated to women in general or just for a night, like to have everything under control , he - or rather, especially him - including . Maybe even to satisfy our whim to make him pay for those two or three slights the previous week that he thought there had escaped. But imagine if in an Amazon missing something, tze.

To understand the role of  dominant belongs to us thanks to the position of the Amazon , we try to imagine it with a few more frills (which is nothing prohibiting the use in real life, but this is to the taste of each and severity of these slights 2:00 to 3:00) : we women are sitting astride man on our right and forbid a whip to be rotated style cowboy over our head, just to further define the roles . Our "character", of course, is active - or rather, let us say, the only active, at least on paper - to us and we will therefore manage the manner and time of intercourse, rhythm and depth of penetration . We, we were a man, we would start to get scared. But since nature has not given us (also) this task, for the moment we are quiet. After all we are the Amazons and have our privileged position, right?

Moreover, dedicating with passion and with the right firmness to the position of the Amazon , tributeremmo also a reminder to ancient history: the position of the Amazon is in fact known - and practiced - since ancient times , with the only difference then was appointed position of Andromache : the bride of Hector, the hero of Homer's Iliad, seems to have been known to love this particular location. And in fact this would confirm a saying popular even today: hero in society, submissive at home.

After this brief introduction on the position of the Amazon , is at least a duty to find out how we should act in order to obtain a position of the Amazon to perfection: we do not want that after they dominated even have to say, right?

It's easy to say the Amazon: the subtleties to a position of Andromache perfect!
Ok. We woke pervaded by a spirit warrior and we look forward to showing off our primal instinct of Amazons. But if you do, things - in this case the position of the Amazon - are made to the best, otherwise you might as well play sudoku ceiling while we get bored with the missionary position .

The partners, in the position of the Amazon , do not have to do anything (and indeed, woe to him if ) it is sufficient that He may lie supine, style bearskin, or if we feel right in the mood for concessions that crouched . Stop, his role ends here. Because it is precisely here that we come in. Giving the preliminary facts, of course up to us to proceed with the penetration , playing with depth to make it crazy (and we might even invent the variant "You have no idea what might happen to you if you dare move!"). But since we are the Amazons, before maddening him think of our pleasure , we move in and inclinandoci so that gives us more satisfaction.

To support, maintain balance and therefore move at best, in the position of the Amazon can rest your hands on the chest of our partners for the occasion renamed bearskin or we can try to tilt the back: this we It will give the possibility to obtain a deeper penetration . He, unless we decide otherwise, will have their hands free and thus can help us with caresses, stimulation, movements ... But nothing prevents inibirgli also the movement of the hands: it might be fun, right? After all the elements in the position of the Amazon fun are definitely more than one ...

Why say absolutely yes to the position of the Amazon!
Start by saying that the position of the Amazon attorney positive feelings both women as men. But since today the master of the castle is us, we will focus on the pleasure that we can draw from the position of the Amazon.

The main aspect to be taken into account is that the position of the Amazon is one of those that, in all, more favor the achievement of the rumored vaginal orgasm and this is because, being able to move and inclinarci more as we like, we can orient penetration as we prefer and the way allows us to get more pleasure. In particular, the position of the Amazon as a few other calls the front of the vagina facilitating the G-spot stimulation . And here we return to the rumored vaginal orgasm and the circle is closed.

Oh yeah, there's also the man. As for him, despite his role he is almost appearance, will benefit from an increased pleasure in slow motion : his pleasure will grow gradually, but at a slower pace than other positions which, we imagine, can be particularly pleasant . For him, but also for us, especially if our partner is suffering from premature ejaculation. As submissive to our will, the position of the Amazon man can surrender , let go, enjoy his pleasure feeling it grow and get excited just looking at our body moving over him.
One last note on the disadvantages of the location of an Amazon who nevertheless involve only men ...

The disadvantages of the position of the Amazon (but only to humans)
As we have said, with regard to female pleasure the position of the Amazon brings only advantages . It is true, and it must be said, that men may come across as opposed to some inconvenience. It really depends also, if not more, from us: in short, when the position of the Amazon should be careful to avoid the very abrupt movements that could twist the penis and cause pain to humans. Which is why it would be better to engage in sex from Amazon only if we are perfectly lubricated .

There are scientific studies that highlight how the position of the Amazon during the full weight of the woman does not rest on the penis, resulting in damage. However we would like to reassure everyone: the cases recorded by the researchers are 44, then it is a very rare opportunity and not enough to give up the position of the Amazon . Even so, in terms of fun and sexual games , the position of the Amazon is the one ideal to allow us, for once, to feel dominating and well put into practice.

Well, dear friends, this is to say that when we wake up with a combative mood need not lash out on friends, relatives and colleagues: just call softly to us our partners and show what we can do!

8 Tricks To Find The Desire

Lingerie precious ice cubes down the back, soft lighting? No, something new. That depends on you, on how much space you allow yourself and what you're willing to play.

According to experts, the thermometer of the ' time for two continues to decrease.Not surprisingly, one of the most discussed news of the summer was the launch in the US of the new pink Viagra, which promises to boost female libido.According to market research, 30% of American suffer from a loss of desire and the same figure applies to Italy (source: University of Pavia). A study of Doxa duepuntozero, conducted on 1,500 Italians between 25 and 65, also revealed that in the last decade, the frequency of sexual intercourse in couples fell by 10% and as much as 75% of respondents fear that the relationship may end precisely because of the loss of desire. "It is a problem more and more prevalent , linked to stress, fatigue life and the frenetic pace, "says sexologist Marco Rossi.
But you can fix. Here's how.

Extend the times
We're not talking about the duration of the sexual act, but what do you and him outside the sheets . "In 60% of cases, the desire collapses because couples do not spend time quality sunglasses, enjoying the proximity of the other. So they no longer have a way to capture those details and seductive gestures that trigger the attraction, "says Marco Rossi.

"The remedy is a special evening in which being together , without duties and distractions, children or smartphone. No need to go out and do something, just have fun . Organize is not easy, it is true, but the results are well worth the effort. "

Prima, likes a dolce
In a sample of women involved in research at the University of California we have shown the hot scenes at two different times of the day on an empty stomach and after an ice cream 500 calories.Result? All were more sensitive to eros after enjoying the sweet. In short, the sins of gluttony stimulate libido . And it is worth, before an embrace, enjoy a dessert. It is also a fun way to begin to let go.

"The French call the 'orgasm "la petite mort" because it is a moment of total loss of control, of neglect under "explains Francesca Romana Tiberi, psychologist and sexologist. "We women, on the other hand, we tend to want to control everything, even to bed, and so stifle libido, and our partners. Pleasure and control, let's remember, they run on rails opposite. "

Discover the real G
"The most effective is not physical, but psychological. I speak of the factors thatChivalry and Kindness, which are the best aphrodisiac for women, "says Roman Tiberi."The man who makes the rider gives way, helps and serves, recovers its traditional role as guide and protector, that attracts us women to an ancestral mechanism.It is the instinct that drives us to choose this kind of males as mates because then it will protect us and the children. " But we women often began to show strong and independent, smother at birth any gallant gesture. Every so often, however, it is worth rediscovering the effects. "

Proponigli a game : he will behave like a knight, opening the door, porgendoti arm street ... In return, will give up the "armor", asking for help in the little things that you would know to do on its own. You'll feel pampered, he important . And at the end of the day you will feel more attracted to each other.

Enter in his film
"The male has a sexuality visual that feeds images. He recreates in the mind fantasizing. It is something natural and healthy, "says Marco Rossi. The confirmation also one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted by UCLA and Concordia University. About 280 men surveyed, those who saw at least two hours of hard scenes a week were more healthy and sexually active.

To ignite your partner, she took part in her mental movie, writing notes or sms spicy.Or, if you know what excites him most, add details to messages. So they tease and a desire to both increase.

Learn to say
According to sociologist Finnish Osmo Kontula, couples today are less sex because they struggle to share desires and fantasies."To re-open the communication channel, the board game candle "suggests Francesca Romana Tiberi. "You leave a candle in a crossing point of the house, for example, the entry: when one feels that he wants to make love , lights the flame. It is a different way to infect each other and tease.For those, however, is hard to confess erotic fantasies , I recommend the use of an innocent trick: tell your partner you dream of having. The dream world, you know, is involuntary, but telling. "

From the shivers
We do not speak of special erotic games, but of emotions on edge, dates of drunkenness break the mold . A jolt of adrenaline fights boredom and routine, increasing the production of dopamine, a hormone crucial to wake up the desire.

"And to experience a bit 'of chills, you do not have to always be inspired to 50 shades of gray. Just somethingunusual and that usually does not fall in the life of every day. For example belting street coming home one evening, "says Francesca Romana Tiberi. "Or go to a playground with breathtaking attractions: generally comes home haggard, but then the day ends in glory . "

Choose a perfume to Thrush
That the sense of smell plays a key role in seduction well aware of the brand of perfume, given the business based on the image of sexy products. But now there is new scientific evidence . Researchers at the University of Padua have shown that certain aromas stimulate testosterone, engine of male libido .The beauty is that they do not serve bottles supercostosi: just the essence of lily of the valley, able to activate a particular receptor, linked to the production of the male hormone.

"To be active between the sheets, better get busy outside, with a little ' exercise . Back in shape makes you feel more sexy and desirable, therefore, likely to intimacy, "says Marco Rossi."The movement activates the production of endorphins , which in turn stimulates the desire. "
Go ahead, then, in a sport, but followed by adequate rest . A search of the International Society for Sexual Medicine claims that one hour of sleep for more than 14%; kicking the desire, the next day, to make love.

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Spanish Siblings Imprison Brother in 'Deplorable' Pigeon Coop: Cops

A brother and sister in Spain were arrested for allegedly keeping their younger brother locked away in a tiny, open-air pigeon coop with no clothes, running water or bathroom facilities, officials said Tuesday.

The 76-year-old man and his 61-year-old sister, who have not been named, said they kept their brother in isolation for his own safety because he had "mental problems," according to a statement from Spain's National Police.

The sister told police she provided food and medication for her brother — and also "administered" his 1,000-euro pension (around $1,100).

It was not clear how long their brother, who is 59, had been hidden away, in Dos Hermanas, five miles outside the southwestern city of Seville, but medical officials said the man had not visited a doctor since 1996.

He was only discovered after his 76-year-old brother got "very drunk" and led officers to his home following a public disturbance call, according to the police statement.

Asked about a suspicious-looking locked door, the siblings openly explained it led to their mentally ill younger brother, whom they kept in isolation for his own safety, police said.

Behind the door was a rickety staircase leading to what appeared to be an open-air pigeon coop measuring just 10 feet square.

Their brother was lying naked on a basic mattress covered in his own feces, surrounded by bottles and other containers that he also used instead of bathroom facilities.

"His health and hygiene were lamentable and the conditions of the whole place were completely unhealthy," the police statement said.

The man was taken to hospital and his siblings were arrested on suspicion of crimes against moral integrity, bad treatment in a family setting and illegal detention. 

Teaching Children To Love Art

The art is good for children. Indeed, it is essential for their growth.

"Educate the beauty and creativity. It stimulates the spirit of observation and analysis, so it is a strong spring to mind.Recent studies show that kids who come into contact with art make it better in school, "says Silvana Sperati, president of Bruno Munari.

Express themselves through drawing 
"Art helps children to trust in them selves because it teaches you to read the reality with their own eyes and to create a personal opinion. And then, especially children, through the design can express emotions in a language close to them, made not of words but of shapes and colors, "adds Sonia Tarantola, art critic and organizer of workshops for children.
"Finally, very important at this age, use colors and brushes helps develop manual dexterity and coordination. " All good reasons to entice kids to love art. Following the advice of our experts.

A child is brought to the art not only if it is good at drawing, but if it applies to his work."It has to fiddle with it, try different colors, in short, passionate. A good result is a consequence of the creative process: if committed in fulfilling his small work of art is likely to prosper. But if he makes two signs and then gets distracted means that not enough fun, "explains Sonia Tarantola.

It stimulates his creativity 
Try to involve two or three buddies. "In the company creates a team spirit that pulls even the most lazy , "suggests art criticism."Or tell him his favorite story and in the end, ask them to draw the scene that you like the most. "
Invite him to vary, not just give him the markers. Put at its disposal many types of color (with wax, oil, pastels and gouaches), but also natural elements (pebbles, leaves, pine cones).

"Before you enter a museum, incuriosisci the child 'recommended Silvana Sperati. "Tell him who he was, how he lived, how he painted the 'artist of which will go to see the paintings. Do it closer to its language, the style in which uses colors and lines. So, when it will be before a work of art, will recognize familiar elements and will quickly become familiar. "
Then, at the museum shop, buy him a book:will remember this experience.

Cultivates his critical sense 
Give your child the importance of the opinion he will stimulate them to trust in his powers of observation. And consequently to use it.
"The child can not see in the pictures things that an adult is not able to pick up. Its simple and pure look captures the elements of which we do not keep large account. If not we influence the judgment, but allow him to express his point of view, it surprises 'recommends the art critic Sonia Tarantola. "It often happens that, in front of works that I know by heart, my little students make me notice colors and shapes that I had never noticed. "

As children to art?That's the advice of Philippe Daverio , art critic, television host.And dad.
● Maximum attention to the first meeting with the museum: if the child associates with something boring will be difficult to take it again. The pure art with children does not work: it must be inserted in life everyday. Council to avoid the classic gallery with the paintings on the wall. Better a museum that tells the story of a people, such as the Egyptian civilization that shows a well-rounded and where art is only one of its manifestations.They are also fine displays historical and museums that speak of science and technology because they have specific evidence that the child knows.

Art as an element of everyday life 
Better a church or an ancient building of a museum: the art is part of life, so it's fruita in its context. To excite your child is much more a trip to Pompeii which hours of art history at school.

Allow your children to watch cartoons 
The reason I explain the words that I told my son when he was little: "I look at them because they are beautiful, colorful and I tell a story, ".I cartoons are drawings made especially for children, speak their language and sport stage their own dreams: for this is a great way to start to move closer to the shapes and colors. The important thing is to change: not just Japanese cartoons and Disney, but also those who come from all over the world. For example, did you know that the Czech animation is beautiful?

Hollywood Museum: Star In The Art ... 

If painters like Rembrandt, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas and Klimt had lived in our time, perhaps they would not have portrayed in their wonderful works some of the most famous and important actors in Hollywood? That's what would be the result, in a series of fun montages. How good are you in art history? Can you recognize the authors of these paintings?

If painters like Rembrandt, Toulouse-Lautrec, Degas and Klimt had lived in our time, perhaps they would not have portrayed in their wonderful works some of the most famous and important actors in Hollywood? That's what would be the result, in a series of fun montages. How good are you in art history? Can you recognize the authors of these paintings

Tom Cruise
Jack Nicholson
Jon Voight
Johnny Depp
Julia Roberts

Michael Jackson
Tom Hanks

Stendhal Syndrome: When Art Causes Disturbance

In the beginning was the author of "The Charterhouse of Parma": in 1817 while visiting the church of Santa Croce in Florence was seized by a strange feeling : rapid pulse, difficulty breathing and loss of balance. Stendhal was the first to describe the disorder neurological affects some people in front of works of art of immeasurable beauty.
But it was an Italian psychiatrist generally available with the publication of a book in which he described more than 100 cases. It is Graziella Margherini, head of mental health ASMN of Florence, who in 1979 wrote " The Stendhal Syndrome. The malaise of the traveler before the greatness of the art ". The survey took place from the care of tourists that come out from the Uffizi, and prey to strange illnesses, they went to the nearby hospital in Florence.

Of low incidence, the discomfort is temporary and leaves no consequences.
It seems to be affected person of great sensitivity that, in admiring artwork intense both in quality and quantity, to come into a state of mental confusion, dizziness, loss the sense of orientation, chest pain and tachycardia.

This is not an aesthetic emotion, and leaves little room for interpretation of the fantastic enjoyment of art. And 'quite a disturbance due to the contemplation of the beauty of art, especially painting and sculpture, which produce disorder in the mind and body.

How does it manifest
According to the study of Florentine psychiatrist Margherini, the syndrome can manifest itself in three different ways not always associated with: - cognitive disorders , that is: altered perception of sounds and colors, feelings of persecution or guilt and anxiety; - disisturbi of affect , ie: depression, inferiority, feeling useless; or superiority, such as euphoria, exaltation, the sense of omnipotence - panic or projections somatic anxiety as rapid heartbeat, sweating, bad breath.
Although acute disorders, fortunately are transient and do not indicate an absolutely pathological mental state . So fughiamo doubt: those who suffer from it are very healthy. 
A curious fact is that the Stendhal syndrome is not linked to artists or particular works: it has more to do with the "size" and the amount of the works art that can cause neurological reactions intense in particularly sensitive people.

From what source?
Thanks to the discovery of mirror neurons , in the 90s, we can get closer to understanding the neurological basis of aesthetic enjoyment. It seems that the brain receives too many sensitive people visual impulses at the same time, and that produce intense excitement , which is transformed into symptoms.

The neurological explanation
According to the neurologist Semir Zeki, introducer of the " neuro-aesthetics ", we are equipped with a visual brain with which we try to explain and understand the artistic creation. Similarly we have a brain artistic extension of that vision.
Our brain is not just a passive spectator who merely record the physical reality of the outside world, but is rather a creative: every time we "see" in fact we construct in our heads a work of art.
The response of the brain in front of the art could not only provide more explanations on Stendhal Syndrome, but also to better understand the functioning of the brain , the logic of which are not yet fully known.

And that psychoanalytic
There is an innovative psychoanalytic theory also suggests that the subject, suffering from Stendhal Syndrome, has taken on a subconscious level by an envious attack of beauty which would take possession. This would produce reactions autonomic and psychosomatic ailments including headaches
The subject experiences a sense of helplessness in the face of perfection and creativity that upsets him. And 'as if he wanted to be the author of so much artistic greatness, and therefore feels his impotence in the face of such splendor.

When The Art is Female: 10 Street Artist In Pink

Art is a woman. Here are the 10 best street artist woman in no way inferior to their male colleagues.
Not only Banksy.
Because the street art is often linked to that great name only to die in anonymity.
And do not, there are numerous street-artist really good and also women who have nothing to envy to male colleagues.
Use the walls to realize their works is one of the highest artistic expression of the last century .
Last month the Guardian discovered the genius of Bambi, a street artist woman who was immediately nicknamed "the Banksy female."
Actually Bambi us not crazy, too possessed of celebrities, for what we want provorvi the 10 most talented street artists contemporary discoveries dall'Huffingtonpost.
They ensure that someone will become.
And you which one you prefer?

Clare Rojas
San Francisco artist, creates subject nostaligici and a little 'subversives belonging to visual genres popular.
A little 'fairy-tale but a very balanced gives a great sense of calm.
Lately he is trying to develop a new line much more abstract.

Graffittara based in Paris specializing in the representation of men fat, hairy, and downright ugly ... like gangsters!
Unreal figures but full of emotion.

Miss Van
French by birth but Spanish by adoption, it is one of the most original artists.
Much irony and romantic figures, a little 'grotesque.
The main characters are fatal and seductive.

Lady Pink
Lady Pink, born in Ecuador and raised in New York, he started painting subway cars as a young girl.
Was 21 when during his first solo.

Polish artist, painted subjects punk, political and pop. A mix that makes it truly unique.
“For me it is important to create a space that work on two levels: the conceptual and the visual. The town can only see through the surface layer. The goal intellectually, is to understand the history and meaning of the work.”

Maya Hayuk
Brooklyn artist who mixes a little 'craft Ukrainian in his visions psychedelic and geometric.
"As a child my grandmother taught me embroidery craft. This was probably the first and most powerful impact that has affected my life. I learned not only to have a very steady hand and determined, but also the richness of the meaning of all these geometric symbols.”

Lady Aiko
The Japanese influence is seen here.
Despite being raised in NY, Lady Aiko brings out elements of its culture, elements of pop and abstraction.
“I think I represent the feminine energy through my work. While at first it was hard, now I like being a woman who has become alone in a world that is predominantly male.”

Her art moves.
Native to south Africa, Faith47 door in his works spirituality and urban nature, which fit perfectly with the reality that surrounds them.
I like the fact that a work is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Everything is a flicker that anyone can see, but then vanishes.

Shamsia Hassani
One of the first graffiti artists in Afghanistan.
In his works it incorporates thematic elements of its culture.
I believe there are many who forget the tragedy that all women face in Afghanistan. That's why I use my paintings as a means of information and dissemination. I want to refer the matter to the society, depicting women in burqas in every work. I try to show them even in moments of everyday life, of happiness. In order to get people to look at the world in a different way.

Alice Mizrahi
Mizrahi New York is an artist who paints women and girls as archetypes sacred.
“For me there is no division. My work is my work, be it a wall or a wood or a painting or a sculpture. I like to express myself, have fun and explore. The labels do not like.”