Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Teaching Children To Love Art

The art is good for children. Indeed, it is essential for their growth.

"Educate the beauty and creativity. It stimulates the spirit of observation and analysis, so it is a strong spring to mind.Recent studies show that kids who come into contact with art make it better in school, "says Silvana Sperati, president of Bruno Munari.

Express themselves through drawing 
"Art helps children to trust in them selves because it teaches you to read the reality with their own eyes and to create a personal opinion. And then, especially children, through the design can express emotions in a language close to them, made not of words but of shapes and colors, "adds Sonia Tarantola, art critic and organizer of workshops for children.
"Finally, very important at this age, use colors and brushes helps develop manual dexterity and coordination. " All good reasons to entice kids to love art. Following the advice of our experts.

A child is brought to the art not only if it is good at drawing, but if it applies to his work."It has to fiddle with it, try different colors, in short, passionate. A good result is a consequence of the creative process: if committed in fulfilling his small work of art is likely to prosper. But if he makes two signs and then gets distracted means that not enough fun, "explains Sonia Tarantola.

It stimulates his creativity 
Try to involve two or three buddies. "In the company creates a team spirit that pulls even the most lazy , "suggests art criticism."Or tell him his favorite story and in the end, ask them to draw the scene that you like the most. "
Invite him to vary, not just give him the markers. Put at its disposal many types of color (with wax, oil, pastels and gouaches), but also natural elements (pebbles, leaves, pine cones).

"Before you enter a museum, incuriosisci the child 'recommended Silvana Sperati. "Tell him who he was, how he lived, how he painted the 'artist of which will go to see the paintings. Do it closer to its language, the style in which uses colors and lines. So, when it will be before a work of art, will recognize familiar elements and will quickly become familiar. "
Then, at the museum shop, buy him a book:will remember this experience.

Cultivates his critical sense 
Give your child the importance of the opinion he will stimulate them to trust in his powers of observation. And consequently to use it.
"The child can not see in the pictures things that an adult is not able to pick up. Its simple and pure look captures the elements of which we do not keep large account. If not we influence the judgment, but allow him to express his point of view, it surprises 'recommends the art critic Sonia Tarantola. "It often happens that, in front of works that I know by heart, my little students make me notice colors and shapes that I had never noticed. "

As children to art?That's the advice of Philippe Daverio , art critic, television host.And dad.
● Maximum attention to the first meeting with the museum: if the child associates with something boring will be difficult to take it again. The pure art with children does not work: it must be inserted in life everyday. Council to avoid the classic gallery with the paintings on the wall. Better a museum that tells the story of a people, such as the Egyptian civilization that shows a well-rounded and where art is only one of its manifestations.They are also fine displays historical and museums that speak of science and technology because they have specific evidence that the child knows.

Art as an element of everyday life 
Better a church or an ancient building of a museum: the art is part of life, so it's fruita in its context. To excite your child is much more a trip to Pompeii which hours of art history at school.

Allow your children to watch cartoons 
The reason I explain the words that I told my son when he was little: "I look at them because they are beautiful, colorful and I tell a story, ".I cartoons are drawings made especially for children, speak their language and sport stage their own dreams: for this is a great way to start to move closer to the shapes and colors. The important thing is to change: not just Japanese cartoons and Disney, but also those who come from all over the world. For example, did you know that the Czech animation is beautiful?