Tuesday, December 29, 2015

When The Art is Female: 10 Street Artist In Pink

Art is a woman. Here are the 10 best street artist woman in no way inferior to their male colleagues.
Not only Banksy.
Because the street art is often linked to that great name only to die in anonymity.
And do not, there are numerous street-artist really good and also women who have nothing to envy to male colleagues.
Use the walls to realize their works is one of the highest artistic expression of the last century .
Last month the Guardian discovered the genius of Bambi, a street artist woman who was immediately nicknamed "the Banksy female."
Actually Bambi us not crazy, too possessed of celebrities, for what we want provorvi the 10 most talented street artists contemporary discoveries dall'Huffingtonpost.
They ensure that someone will become.
And you which one you prefer?

Clare Rojas
San Francisco artist, creates subject nostaligici and a little 'subversives belonging to visual genres popular.
A little 'fairy-tale but a very balanced gives a great sense of calm.
Lately he is trying to develop a new line much more abstract.

Graffittara based in Paris specializing in the representation of men fat, hairy, and downright ugly ... like gangsters!
Unreal figures but full of emotion.

Miss Van
French by birth but Spanish by adoption, it is one of the most original artists.
Much irony and romantic figures, a little 'grotesque.
The main characters are fatal and seductive.

Lady Pink
Lady Pink, born in Ecuador and raised in New York, he started painting subway cars as a young girl.
Was 21 when during his first solo.

Polish artist, painted subjects punk, political and pop. A mix that makes it truly unique.
“For me it is important to create a space that work on two levels: the conceptual and the visual. The town can only see through the surface layer. The goal intellectually, is to understand the history and meaning of the work.”

Maya Hayuk
Brooklyn artist who mixes a little 'craft Ukrainian in his visions psychedelic and geometric.
"As a child my grandmother taught me embroidery craft. This was probably the first and most powerful impact that has affected my life. I learned not only to have a very steady hand and determined, but also the richness of the meaning of all these geometric symbols.”

Lady Aiko
The Japanese influence is seen here.
Despite being raised in NY, Lady Aiko brings out elements of its culture, elements of pop and abstraction.
“I think I represent the feminine energy through my work. While at first it was hard, now I like being a woman who has become alone in a world that is predominantly male.”

Her art moves.
Native to south Africa, Faith47 door in his works spirituality and urban nature, which fit perfectly with the reality that surrounds them.
I like the fact that a work is temporary. Nothing lasts forever. Everything is a flicker that anyone can see, but then vanishes.

Shamsia Hassani
One of the first graffiti artists in Afghanistan.
In his works it incorporates thematic elements of its culture.
I believe there are many who forget the tragedy that all women face in Afghanistan. That's why I use my paintings as a means of information and dissemination. I want to refer the matter to the society, depicting women in burqas in every work. I try to show them even in moments of everyday life, of happiness. In order to get people to look at the world in a different way.

Alice Mizrahi
Mizrahi New York is an artist who paints women and girls as archetypes sacred.
“For me there is no division. My work is my work, be it a wall or a wood or a painting or a sculpture. I like to express myself, have fun and explore. The labels do not like.”