Friday, January 1, 2016

8 Tricks To Find The Desire

Lingerie precious ice cubes down the back, soft lighting? No, something new. That depends on you, on how much space you allow yourself and what you're willing to play.

According to experts, the thermometer of the ' time for two continues to decrease.Not surprisingly, one of the most discussed news of the summer was the launch in the US of the new pink Viagra, which promises to boost female libido.According to market research, 30% of American suffer from a loss of desire and the same figure applies to Italy (source: University of Pavia). A study of Doxa duepuntozero, conducted on 1,500 Italians between 25 and 65, also revealed that in the last decade, the frequency of sexual intercourse in couples fell by 10% and as much as 75% of respondents fear that the relationship may end precisely because of the loss of desire. "It is a problem more and more prevalent , linked to stress, fatigue life and the frenetic pace, "says sexologist Marco Rossi.
But you can fix. Here's how.

Extend the times
We're not talking about the duration of the sexual act, but what do you and him outside the sheets . "In 60% of cases, the desire collapses because couples do not spend time quality sunglasses, enjoying the proximity of the other. So they no longer have a way to capture those details and seductive gestures that trigger the attraction, "says Marco Rossi.

"The remedy is a special evening in which being together , without duties and distractions, children or smartphone. No need to go out and do something, just have fun . Organize is not easy, it is true, but the results are well worth the effort. "

Prima, likes a dolce
In a sample of women involved in research at the University of California we have shown the hot scenes at two different times of the day on an empty stomach and after an ice cream 500 calories.Result? All were more sensitive to eros after enjoying the sweet. In short, the sins of gluttony stimulate libido . And it is worth, before an embrace, enjoy a dessert. It is also a fun way to begin to let go.

"The French call the 'orgasm "la petite mort" because it is a moment of total loss of control, of neglect under "explains Francesca Romana Tiberi, psychologist and sexologist. "We women, on the other hand, we tend to want to control everything, even to bed, and so stifle libido, and our partners. Pleasure and control, let's remember, they run on rails opposite. "

Discover the real G
"The most effective is not physical, but psychological. I speak of the factors thatChivalry and Kindness, which are the best aphrodisiac for women, "says Roman Tiberi."The man who makes the rider gives way, helps and serves, recovers its traditional role as guide and protector, that attracts us women to an ancestral mechanism.It is the instinct that drives us to choose this kind of males as mates because then it will protect us and the children. " But we women often began to show strong and independent, smother at birth any gallant gesture. Every so often, however, it is worth rediscovering the effects. "

Proponigli a game : he will behave like a knight, opening the door, porgendoti arm street ... In return, will give up the "armor", asking for help in the little things that you would know to do on its own. You'll feel pampered, he important . And at the end of the day you will feel more attracted to each other.

Enter in his film
"The male has a sexuality visual that feeds images. He recreates in the mind fantasizing. It is something natural and healthy, "says Marco Rossi. The confirmation also one study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine conducted by UCLA and Concordia University. About 280 men surveyed, those who saw at least two hours of hard scenes a week were more healthy and sexually active.

To ignite your partner, she took part in her mental movie, writing notes or sms spicy.Or, if you know what excites him most, add details to messages. So they tease and a desire to both increase.

Learn to say
According to sociologist Finnish Osmo Kontula, couples today are less sex because they struggle to share desires and fantasies."To re-open the communication channel, the board game candle "suggests Francesca Romana Tiberi. "You leave a candle in a crossing point of the house, for example, the entry: when one feels that he wants to make love , lights the flame. It is a different way to infect each other and tease.For those, however, is hard to confess erotic fantasies , I recommend the use of an innocent trick: tell your partner you dream of having. The dream world, you know, is involuntary, but telling. "

From the shivers
We do not speak of special erotic games, but of emotions on edge, dates of drunkenness break the mold . A jolt of adrenaline fights boredom and routine, increasing the production of dopamine, a hormone crucial to wake up the desire.

"And to experience a bit 'of chills, you do not have to always be inspired to 50 shades of gray. Just somethingunusual and that usually does not fall in the life of every day. For example belting street coming home one evening, "says Francesca Romana Tiberi. "Or go to a playground with breathtaking attractions: generally comes home haggard, but then the day ends in glory . "

Choose a perfume to Thrush
That the sense of smell plays a key role in seduction well aware of the brand of perfume, given the business based on the image of sexy products. But now there is new scientific evidence . Researchers at the University of Padua have shown that certain aromas stimulate testosterone, engine of male libido .The beauty is that they do not serve bottles supercostosi: just the essence of lily of the valley, able to activate a particular receptor, linked to the production of the male hormone.

"To be active between the sheets, better get busy outside, with a little ' exercise . Back in shape makes you feel more sexy and desirable, therefore, likely to intimacy, "says Marco Rossi."The movement activates the production of endorphins , which in turn stimulates the desire. "
Go ahead, then, in a sport, but followed by adequate rest . A search of the International Society for Sexual Medicine claims that one hour of sleep for more than 14%; kicking the desire, the next day, to make love.