Friday, January 1, 2016

Kamasutra: 3 Things To Know

You know those days when we wake up infused with soul warrior and dominant and to complete the picture we would miss just a spear or a scimitar? Here, that's a good day to try (and try again) the position of the Amazon: here it is illustrated in detail with 3 key points!

Every morning all we, who are as usual creatures gently complicated , we wake up with a different mood. And there are days when we get right with the bump of the warrior , fomented by barbaric attitude: those days when we would be the ones to take the reins of our lives, our world, our work and our relationship . In short, it would miss just a spear, a bow or scimitar and we would be the perfect amazons . If happened, we would not need any time machine to actually be the Amazon, but we just simply a puff to Kama Sutra is not by chance, in fact, the ancient Indian text on sexual behavior does not forget to pay homage with a separate chapter the position of the Amazon . A name that, in addition to already be a whole program, not accidental and is dedicated to women in general or just for a night, like to have everything under control , he - or rather, especially him - including . Maybe even to satisfy our whim to make him pay for those two or three slights the previous week that he thought there had escaped. But imagine if in an Amazon missing something, tze.

To understand the role of  dominant belongs to us thanks to the position of the Amazon , we try to imagine it with a few more frills (which is nothing prohibiting the use in real life, but this is to the taste of each and severity of these slights 2:00 to 3:00) : we women are sitting astride man on our right and forbid a whip to be rotated style cowboy over our head, just to further define the roles . Our "character", of course, is active - or rather, let us say, the only active, at least on paper - to us and we will therefore manage the manner and time of intercourse, rhythm and depth of penetration . We, we were a man, we would start to get scared. But since nature has not given us (also) this task, for the moment we are quiet. After all we are the Amazons and have our privileged position, right?

Moreover, dedicating with passion and with the right firmness to the position of the Amazon , tributeremmo also a reminder to ancient history: the position of the Amazon is in fact known - and practiced - since ancient times , with the only difference then was appointed position of Andromache : the bride of Hector, the hero of Homer's Iliad, seems to have been known to love this particular location. And in fact this would confirm a saying popular even today: hero in society, submissive at home.

After this brief introduction on the position of the Amazon , is at least a duty to find out how we should act in order to obtain a position of the Amazon to perfection: we do not want that after they dominated even have to say, right?

It's easy to say the Amazon: the subtleties to a position of Andromache perfect!
Ok. We woke pervaded by a spirit warrior and we look forward to showing off our primal instinct of Amazons. But if you do, things - in this case the position of the Amazon - are made to the best, otherwise you might as well play sudoku ceiling while we get bored with the missionary position .

The partners, in the position of the Amazon , do not have to do anything (and indeed, woe to him if ) it is sufficient that He may lie supine, style bearskin, or if we feel right in the mood for concessions that crouched . Stop, his role ends here. Because it is precisely here that we come in. Giving the preliminary facts, of course up to us to proceed with the penetration , playing with depth to make it crazy (and we might even invent the variant "You have no idea what might happen to you if you dare move!"). But since we are the Amazons, before maddening him think of our pleasure , we move in and inclinandoci so that gives us more satisfaction.

To support, maintain balance and therefore move at best, in the position of the Amazon can rest your hands on the chest of our partners for the occasion renamed bearskin or we can try to tilt the back: this we It will give the possibility to obtain a deeper penetration . He, unless we decide otherwise, will have their hands free and thus can help us with caresses, stimulation, movements ... But nothing prevents inibirgli also the movement of the hands: it might be fun, right? After all the elements in the position of the Amazon fun are definitely more than one ...

Why say absolutely yes to the position of the Amazon!
Start by saying that the position of the Amazon attorney positive feelings both women as men. But since today the master of the castle is us, we will focus on the pleasure that we can draw from the position of the Amazon.

The main aspect to be taken into account is that the position of the Amazon is one of those that, in all, more favor the achievement of the rumored vaginal orgasm and this is because, being able to move and inclinarci more as we like, we can orient penetration as we prefer and the way allows us to get more pleasure. In particular, the position of the Amazon as a few other calls the front of the vagina facilitating the G-spot stimulation . And here we return to the rumored vaginal orgasm and the circle is closed.

Oh yeah, there's also the man. As for him, despite his role he is almost appearance, will benefit from an increased pleasure in slow motion : his pleasure will grow gradually, but at a slower pace than other positions which, we imagine, can be particularly pleasant . For him, but also for us, especially if our partner is suffering from premature ejaculation. As submissive to our will, the position of the Amazon man can surrender , let go, enjoy his pleasure feeling it grow and get excited just looking at our body moving over him.
One last note on the disadvantages of the location of an Amazon who nevertheless involve only men ...

The disadvantages of the position of the Amazon (but only to humans)
As we have said, with regard to female pleasure the position of the Amazon brings only advantages . It is true, and it must be said, that men may come across as opposed to some inconvenience. It really depends also, if not more, from us: in short, when the position of the Amazon should be careful to avoid the very abrupt movements that could twist the penis and cause pain to humans. Which is why it would be better to engage in sex from Amazon only if we are perfectly lubricated .

There are scientific studies that highlight how the position of the Amazon during the full weight of the woman does not rest on the penis, resulting in damage. However we would like to reassure everyone: the cases recorded by the researchers are 44, then it is a very rare opportunity and not enough to give up the position of the Amazon . Even so, in terms of fun and sexual games , the position of the Amazon is the one ideal to allow us, for once, to feel dominating and well put into practice.

Well, dear friends, this is to say that when we wake up with a combative mood need not lash out on friends, relatives and colleagues: just call softly to us our partners and show what we can do!